Will be performing in Alaska from May 6th - September 15th!



Stand Up Demo



Bobby Banuelos uses his guitar and quick wit to give you a comedy show unlike any other. Whether telling a joke, singing a song, or doing a dance, Bobby is so charming, likable, and hilarious that audiences all over this great nation have called him “charming, likable, and hilarious”. WARNING!! Bobby’s original songs about the simplicities and complexities of being a man, coping with ex-girlfriends, stalkers, and superheroes will stay in your head for a week, and will make you seem cooler to your friends when you repeat them. So step into Bobby’s World! Part musical comedy, part stand up, ALL FUN!

What the people say:

"Doing stand up is challenging - maybe the toughest job in show business. Bobby Banuelos does it superbly well”
-Daily Midway Driller

"Absolutely hysterical!!! Bobby's comedy and music was the highlight of our season!!!"
-Erik Stein - The California Cabaret Theatre

"Incredibly unique!! Finally, something different and FUNNY!!"
-Caberet Bill

“He never calls!”
-Bobby’s Mom

“Which one is Bobby?”
-Bobby’s Dad